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Efficiency in Practice

Boost your practice productivity with our preprogrammed seamless setup, cutting down preparation time by more than 20 minutes, allowing you to focus on what matters most - improvement. Experience the convenience of field setup with line and cone precision using the user-friendly interface, making every practice session count towards your progress. 


Personalized Training

Coaches can effortlessly input data or utilize existing measurements to empower players with personalized insights on their individual speed and positioning requirements. This system enables athletes to know precisely where and when they need to be, fostering a deeper understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement to optimize their performance in games.



Bringing fun and variety back into practices. With time for new drills, players can constantly explore fresh challenges, breaking free from the monotony of repetitive routines. Running around and seeking guidance becomes enjoyable, making the learning process effortless and exciting. 

The Benefits

Turf Manu.png


Durability, Visibility and Affordability Converge in Light-up Turf to Transform Sports.

Artificial turf has undergone an innovative transformation, revolutionizing both on-field performance and manufacturing processes. This turf seamlessly integrates bright LED backing and grass-mimicking fibers that don't comprise the athletes' tactile experience, Remarkably, this change maintains cost-effectiveness by closely aligning with traditional maunfacturing methods. 

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